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About us

WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group is a non-profit organization and relies on patron membership as well as donations to aid in the research efforts. Anyone can join the organization and bring to the table ideas and assistance in cases ongoing.


The objectives and purposes of the WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group are:

A. Conducting investigative studies of a combat zone’s significant historical events to interpret the sequence and nature of an action, thus revealing how a military unit performed and accomplished its objectives.

B. Educating the general public through produced material. Material covers, but is not limited to, the organization of army units, equipment usage, and operational techniques.


C. Conduct in-depth vigilant background investigation of unaccounted for soldiers/airmen with the aim of eventual internment and closure for family members, in consequence supporting the parent countries of unaccounted for military personnel.  

D. Mutual reliance on and immediate liaison with other historical research institutions throughout the European Union and the United States.

E. Attend living history events demonstrating military structure and life in battlefield situations utilizing military equipment, vehicles, and uniforms of the period

F. To assist the Administrative offices of Luxembourg’s state historical Centers.

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