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                                               Trailers, Trailers and More Trailers


Every summer back in the deep woods of the Ardennes (Eislik), Henri Krischler hosts a military vehicle collectors meeting in his small forest. He has 9-12 vehicles brought by friends attending ranging from GMC 2.5 ton, Willys Jeeps, Dodge Carry Wagon WC-52, and even a Dodge 6x6 WC-62. An interesting eye-catcher was his variety of trailers in camp. I had no idea of the “what’s behind” them detailed. Henri has quite a good understanding and knowledge of the equipment he owns and doesn’t hesitate to share that.  I had the opportunity to have a briefing on his trailers and items he has on display for the camp.

1941 Soup Trailer 

Fuel, Trailer Type A-3


Fruehauf , 8 Ton Flatbed

G-527 Water Trailer
G-527 "Water Buffalo"
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