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It is well known that the tools and instruments of war are at the forefront when it comes to the images and thoughts of militarism and is the bottom line of military function. When all means fail to negotiate and compromise for a neutral solution, the government calls in the military, whether it is defensive actions or offensive. This research project is not to glorify weapons or their use, only to present what was recovered from a war machine such as the B-17, in particular Bull Session. Everyone knows she was designed for such a purpose and is the animal it is. 


Sacred respect is given to the families and thoughts go out to the crews as it is a fact that the crew used some of the equipment items.

The concept and beginnings of the US flak vest as we know it extend from Col (later Maj Gen) Dr. Malcolm Grow, Eighth Air Force surgeon general, who saved many lives by developing body armor for USAAF bomber crewmen.  After the war, he became the US Air Force’s first surgeon general.

USAAF Armor,
Flyer's Vest M-2

Crawford Manufacturing Co. Inc.

A/c 43-38911, Bull Session

Found 2021

USAAF Armor, Flyer's Vest
M-2/M-3 Apron

Crawford Manufacturing Co. Inc.

A/c 43-38911, Bull Session

Found 2021,

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