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The finished product. The center front section is then mated up to the armored back section and door section.

The restored M3 FLAK apron and upper M1 vest are added to the scene. These may have been worn by the lower turret gunner as they are a small size, this is only speculated.  

The top section of the center turret is displayed with the hanger and trunion mount. The cover for the ammo section was not found as yet. The ammunition box and one chute were recovered, but are very badly damaged and are displayed separately.

The A-11 Flight Helmet and A-14 oxygen mask were found mixed with the lower turret debris and may have been used by the gunner, Sgt Arthur Miller.


Some new work is performed on the exhibit in the museum. It was wanted to raise the upper section of the turret with the hanger and slide the center section underneath to give a more realistic visual experience as to size and full context.


A full view of the exhibit and the Upper Turret case in the front right.

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