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More buildings here throughout the Luxembourg land, it gets rather complicated and complex to explain when and how many divisions, battalions, companies, regiments, and their detachments/attachments went through these places from September 1944 - to February- 1945. A mention of some is in order and respect to all is given. 

Diekirch -
28th Div
5th Inf Div
80th Div
9th AD


5th Inf Div
80th Div
28th Div
9th AD CCB-80th Div
10th AD -28th/109
4th Inf Div
5th AD
5th Inf Div - 2nd Bn
28th Div-109th IR
5th INf Div

Kaundorf -
26 Division
101st IR, plus 1/2 Bn 104th

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