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Trunnion Assembly

The Lower Turret Trunnion assembly was recovered in several parts and small pieces. Like the other assemblies from the turret, there were also several pieces found within the upper plowed level of the site, these pieces are disarticulated from the larger debris parts as when the aircraft hit the ground and the turret then shattering among the field ara.

Taken from the Handbook of Instruction of Lower Ball Turrets AN 11-45G-1


The parts and pieces of the trunnion assembly are fit together as best and tightly as possible for reassembly. These parts have been distorted from the impact of hitting the ground and stressful forces.

The parts are reassembled with two-part epoxy that has a strength of 650-700+ KPC. (Killos per centimeter) The trunnion is to support the hanger assembly and therefore has to be in good strength. As mentioned prior, the legs were removed and replaced. Support rods are inserted inside each corner for extra support from the floor.

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